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Henry, On Hiring

Do not hire a man Quote from Thoreau

Writing without seeing

Hands down, writing this series of blog posts for Armor Guys website was one of the most technically difficult writing assignments that I completed in 2017. Instantly educating yourself about new technology, processes, or in this case an entirely new material can be a challenge, but it’s exciting too.

If you haven’t heard about Graphene yet, I’m sure you will soon…it has the potential to change everything.


Prell? Yeah, Just F’ ing Prell. It’s green. It cleans your hair. ‘Nuf Said.


“Prell leaves hair radiantly alive!” So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Sometimes, you stumble across something that  reminds you of how simple things used to be.

In a world filled with nourishing, hydrating, volumizing, cleansing, nutrition, resurrection, tear free, reparative, stimulating, revitalizing,therapeutic, silky, moisture rich, anti itch, dandruff preventing, organic, gluten free, bodifying, aloe, all natural, smoothing, deep shine, endurance, sleek, mango-coconut-vanilla infused shampoos out there…I was both shocked (and honestly, more than-a-little pleased) to notice, sticking out like a green thumb, amongst the overwhelming visual menagerie of hair care products, a tube of Prell.

In a world obsessed with new, personalized options for just about everything, how could something as simple as Prell still exist?

I mean Prell? Just Prell. When your hair is dirty, use it, and your hair will get clean. Huh? How about that?

I guess there’s (still) something to be said for doing just one thing and doing it well.

Want to learn more? Check out


Got an example of a simple something that’s stood the test of time? Tell me about it

In 2017, Don’t Set Too Many Goals for Yourself

Instead, focus on two projects that really matter.

Source: In 2017, Don’t Set Too Many Goals for Yourself

Boom! [Drops microphone]

Teamwork makes the dream work. See how Larry Bird scored 60 points in a game in 1985…with a little help with his friends.

Source: Tim | LinkedIn

Why You Can’t Just Fire The Most Interesting Man In The World

Maybe I’m late to the game, but just saw my first Most Interesting Imposter ad on ESPN and I feel terrible.

That scruffy looking lad is clearly not even qualified to be The Most Interesting Man in The Room. When done well, campaigns and the people who made them great should walk off into the sunset together.

What’s next? A new FLO for Progressive? No. Of course not. 

“People” don’t appreciate feeling like they’ve been tricked or that what they have determined to be important (or true) is not shown the respect that they feel it deserves…ironically, by the people that created that something in the first place.

The Dos Equis folks would do well to go back and read the New Coke marketing case studies from the 80’s.

When you create something that finally sticks with people, you have to realize  that it no longer belongs to you – but to everyone. You may never really know how important something is until you try to take it away from someone.

Some old-timey manners would work well here I think … when you get to the party, you dance with who brung ya.

Like it or not, there will always only be one “Where’s the Beef?” lady, one “Can you hear me now? guy,  one “Flo” one “Mr. Whipple” in the hearts and minds of consumers. Shame on those in the business who seem to think otherwise. As the classic marketing idiom dictates, “The Message IS the Medium” and the Medium includes the specific person  (or thing) that is delivering that message.

I think Dos Equis could have done much more with the Interesting storyline if the goal was to transition away from the graying man who made the whole concept famous (Son of The Most Interesting Man in the World?) but you just can’t throw away a decade of personal, individual, experiences and expect people to blindly fall in love with a new & improved MAN just because you assumed we were getting tired of the old one.

Great run Dos Equis…I just wish you had spent a little more time on your succession planning. 

~ TK

Why Dos Equis Replaced ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ – RealClearLife (Share from CM Browser)

RIP Mr. Fendler – Here’s hoping your path to heaven is easier to follow.

Donn Fendler, Who Was Lost in Wilds of Maine as a Boy, Dies at 90 

How to Create Great Content That People Will Love (and Share) | via

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this “How To” article wasn’t full of fluff…but rather had some real, concrete ideas and real-world examples (written in plain English) that made it both fun and informative to read (and share). So I guess this guy knows what he’s talking about AND who he wants to talk to.


Jeff Haden is a ghostwriter, speaker, LinkedIn Influencer, and contributing editor to Inc. 

He says that the actual content you create is important…but not nearly as important as the reason why. Read his latest post here:

Source: How to Create Great Content People Will Love (and Share) |

Check out the Monhegan – A BrightBuilt Home @ Village Run in Yarmouth, Maine.

Here’s a great example of how out-of-the-box designers and home builders are creating a plethora of more traditional looking, beautiful, healthy and low-energy homes for U.S. home buyers. As this trend continues to gain momentum, high-performing homes will be able to hide in plain sight in neighborhoods everywhere.

Quietly understated in the same way a Mercedes or BWM may seem to some, the real future of high performance home building lies in making these homes actually look less than what they truly are – self sufficient marvels of engineering, design and craftsmanship.


Village Run is located along Sligo Road and is within walking distance to downtown Yarmouth, Maine. It features 26 lots, 3 ponds, and direct access to local hiking trails. The neighborhood aims to create a sense of community, incorporating shared community spaces and a large, walkable esplanade throughout.


  • Energy efficient
  • Healthy
  • Conscientiously designed

THE MONHEGAN FEATURES: Open main floor plan Cottage style look and feel First floor master suite Download PDF Brochure

Source: Village Run Monhegan – Bright Built Home

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