Sustainably Yours, Tim King. Marketing Writer | Communications Specialist

Content Development –

Writing the right stuff attracts who you want…then moves them to take action.

Purpose: Attract, then engage with the right audience.

In the world of the web, keywords, SEO best practices and clean page design only go so far.

If you want to be MORE than just another pretty website – an online museum to showcase only your most precious work –  then you need compelling content that not only informs, but also guides visitors to take the next step: call, click or visit.

If your web copy doesn’t “get them at hello” then we need to talk.

Tell me what you want to say and I’ll draft copy that your customers can feel.

Want proof? Check out a few examples of my work (including tagline development).

Motivated to move the needle, towards the sale.

It’s called a “call to action” in the marketing world. These messages don’t have to be unique, but they do need to be well thought out. “What DO you want the visitor to do?” and then “What are WE going to do when they do it?” These are questions that need to be asked outside of the web-world. These are business decisions.

Good web copy also needs to be engaging for the customer to read. That means that copy needs to be written in the same voice that your customers speak – NOT industry speak, not jargon and not overly technical.

Ideally, some of what you have to say will connect on a deeper level with your customer. They may chuckle, gasp or even nod. Customers want to you know that you “get” them.

Always “Lead with the Need.”

Does your website talk directly to what your customers NEED from you?

If not, I can help you do it.

Mr. Levitt’s classic Marketing Motivators are just as relevant today as they were 20, 50, even 100 years ago. The only difference is that the actual buying decisions just happen a LOT faster then they used to.

That’s why you need marketing messages that get to the point AND get customers moving.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk…

Tim King – Freelance Writer, Digital Content, Editing & Purposeful Marketing Communications Services.

Scarborough, Maine. 207-807-0025

“Be true to your work, your word and your friend.”
~ Henry 

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