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For nearly two years, I wrote a regular newspaper column (pro-bono) named “PlantLife“.

A play on words, I generally wrote about plants (or things that grow) combined with some insight or reflection on how one could choose to live their life. It was a very therapeutic process and I received a lot of positive feedback from readers throughout Southern Maine.

I used a pen name / email alias for this project that I thought described my purpose well; “Sylvan Sauntering” Sylvan meaning something of, relating to, or inhabiting the woods and sauntering (one of Henry Thoreau’s favorite words) meaning to walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort. Coincidentally (or not) Sylvan is also the name of the street where I currently live.

A few examples of my column can be found here – linked back to my previous blog site Rants, Raves and Riots – which I began writing in <gasp> 2004 … using a mallet, chisel and stone tablet.




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