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Peter Troast – Takeaways from ACI New Orleans 2015 -EnergyCircle PRO

Here’s a great recap of the business end of the home performance industry from one of the best in the business. The post offers some broad strokes on where the industry is headed – and how it will get there – and also some very good action items that can (and should) be factored into your marketing strategy today.

ACI New Orleans 2015: My Big Takeaways | Energy Circle PRO.


Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

Spotlight on energy efficiency:

How low can a Bungalow go?

Green and Healthy Homes Maine 2015

Green and Healthy Homes Maine 2015

Check out the feature story I wrote about a wonderful deep energy retrofit project that took place just last year in Portland, Maine.

The article is chock full of great information and local resources to help you take back control of your homes energy use.

How Low (Energy) can a old Bungalow go?

Spotlight on Energy Efficiency in Maine. Deep energy retrofit. Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazine.

~ TK

Download the Green & Healthy Maine HOMES – Spring/Summer 2015 digital edition here.

Solar heat box – circa 1979


Going through some old photos from my parents and found this “proof of concept” hot box my dad built in 1979.  This would eventually turn into a “six panel” system across the back of our house. By “panel” I mean salvaged “storm windows”. The system would pull cold air from the basement, through the hot box where convection would pull it through a wall cavity, through a drop ceiling and out a vent located over a doorway into the north facing end of the house. “Free heat !” Is what he used to call it when the little strip of toilet paper thumb tacked over the vent would start fluttering. Of course the heat basically flowed up and out of the (then) 80 year old house…insulation would follow at some point down the road too. What’s interesting though is just TODAY,  I opened the latest issue of Mother Earth News to an ad featuring a “Window Solar Heat Grabber Blueprint” for $10.00. Now what do you think about that?


1 – It’s all been done before.
2 – Good ideas stand the test of time.

Via MNN – London’s iconic phone booths reborn as solar gadget-charging kiosks | MNN – Mother Nature Network

As the fella from the old Guinness ad would say, “Brilliant !” Could the 50’s craze of stuffing teens into phone booths be very far behind? Now THAT’S a #selfie I’d like to see !

Grist: The mystery of huge solar plants and tiny dead birds | Grist

As with any large scale development, the natural order of things will either die off or adapt to the changes in the environment – over time. More attention should be put on site selection and predictive modeling so risks can be understood and evaluated. Still, its got to be infinitely better than the clandestine activity of how development deals used to get green lighted.

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