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Hey. R U Happy ? Well, Maybe You Need a Village, People?

You’d think they’d be stating the obvious here. But in our modern world of having people with 500 “Friends” on social media and still feeling isolated, there’s new research that suggests what we all need is less FaceTime and more Face-to-Face time with each other.

Interesting to note that 150 has been the magic number or tipping point for human relationships throughout the ages.

Like I’ve always said, some things change. Some don’t.

There are some things that are just part of human nature…whether we are aware of it (or like it) or not.

Villagers aren't always fact, most of the time they're quite happy.

Villagers aren’t always restless…in fact, most of the time they’re quite happy.


Read the whole article about why it really does take a village – the real kind – with or without a fountain – to be happy.

From NPR News: Forget Facebook, Abandon Instagram, Move To A Village

Thoughts on Flyte SmallBiz post : Finding Work/Life Balance When You Can’t Leave Work Behind |

As Thoreau said many decades ago,  “Men have become the tools of their tools.”


English: Portrait by Benjamin D. Maxham (dague...

English: Portrait by Benjamin D. Maxham (daguerreotype), black and white of Henry David Thoreau in June 1856. The writer-collar post a beard and is dressed in a black frock coat, a white shirt and a black bow tie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



This is now more true than ever as our electronic “tools” now take on the personalities of friends and family on the other end of the WiFi connection. Sometimes though, the ones closest at hand are those that need (and deserve) connecting with the most.

Reach out and touch someone – they’re right there next to you!

Here are a few tips for finding balance…or letting balance find you.

Finding Work/Life Balance When You Can’t Leave Work Behind | web marketing for small business: flyte blog.

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