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Got moss?

Does Your Lawn Have a Moss Problem …. or does your moss have a lawn problem? | Either way, get some tips from a blig post I recently put together for Lucas Tree Experts

Coffitivity – Just like being there…if everyone there was invisible.

I just found out about Coffitivity. It’s exactly what I need to keep myself motivated and focused while working alone at my home office. As long as I don’t find myself eventually recognizing – or talking back to – the voices coming out of my speakers, I think this will be a great alternative for me when music is “too much” and silence is “too little”.



I’ve always loved to write

Ever since I picked up my first pencil (or crayon) I’ve always enjoyed the process of putting my thoughts down on paper. Along the way, I’ve found that other people like what I have to say. So far, I’ve been able to make a career of it….to be continued.

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