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Check out the Monhegan – A BrightBuilt Home @ Village Run in Yarmouth, Maine.

Here’s a great example of how out-of-the-box designers and home builders are creating a plethora of more traditional looking, beautiful, healthy and low-energy homes for U.S. home buyers. As this trend continues to gain momentum, high-performing homes will be able to hide in plain sight in neighborhoods everywhere.

Quietly understated in the same way a Mercedes or BWM may seem to some, the real future of high performance home building lies in making these homes actually look less than what they truly are – self sufficient marvels of engineering, design and craftsmanship.


Village Run is located along Sligo Road and is within walking distance to downtown Yarmouth, Maine. It features 26 lots, 3 ponds, and direct access to local hiking trails. The neighborhood aims to create a sense of community, incorporating shared community spaces and a large, walkable esplanade throughout.


  • Energy efficient
  • Healthy
  • Conscientiously designed

THE MONHEGAN FEATURES: Open main floor plan Cottage style look and feel First floor master suite Download PDF Brochure

Source: Village Run Monhegan – Bright Built Home


New fridge envy? Go for it.

Don’t sweat tossing out the old and buying a new icebox…it’s a smart move. Here’s why:

These simple steps will make your refrigerator work better | Grist

April 1, 2016. Evergreen Home Performance launches line of insulated high-performance outdoor clothing

This is how you do it folks…


Evergreen Home Performance employs the insulated, high-tech qualities and high-fashion style of weatherization materials in a new line of outdoor clothing.

Evergreen’s new mountaineering outerwear employs the high-performance qualities and high-fashion style of weatherization materials the home energy efficiency and insulation company has installed for years. The result is airtight, vapor-open, and insulated to a solid R-14 with a proprietary quilting method.

Source: Evergreen launches line of insulated high-performance outdoor clothing

MPBN – Low Heating Oil Prices Could Create Incentives for Energy Efficiency Projects | Maine Public Broadcasting

Good point. Great time to “reinvest” your savings this year and improve the air quality and energy efficiency of your home for years to come.

Sustainably Yours,
~ Tim

Ductless Gaining Inroads Across the US | 2015-04-27 | ACHRNEWS

There’s still an awareness issue surrounding this technology and it’s gonna take more time before the “masses” really catch on to how these things work and why they’re a wise investment to supplement / offset their homes existing heating systems. I just hope the manufacturers will continue to develop products at all price points and not just focus on adding new bells and whistles that keep prices high. Time will tell.

~ TK


Technological advances, a more energy-conscious society, and a wave of available energy utility rebates are invigorating ductless heating and cooling solutions in the U.S. According to Navigant Research, ductless systems will account for nearly 30 percent of all North American energy-efficient HVAC system revenue by 2020.

Source: Ductless Gaining Inroads Across the US | 2015-04-27 | ACHRNEWS

Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

Spotlight on energy efficiency:

How low can a Bungalow go?

Green and Healthy Homes Maine 2015

Green and Healthy Homes Maine 2015

Check out the feature story I wrote about a wonderful deep energy retrofit project that took place just last year in Portland, Maine.

The article is chock full of great information and local resources to help you take back control of your homes energy use.

How Low (Energy) can a old Bungalow go?

Spotlight on Energy Efficiency in Maine. Deep energy retrofit. Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazine.

~ TK

Download the Green & Healthy Maine HOMES – Spring/Summer 2015 digital edition here.

Understanding & Treating Ice Dams | Evergreen Home Performance | Maine

Understanding & Treating Ice Dams | Evergreen Home Performance | Maine.

In the immortal words of Brad Hamilton, “Learn it. Know it. Live it.” (or move South)

Instead of a curse, think of Ice Dams as a sign telling you that you have been silently, invisibly, constantly losing heat (and money) in your house for as long as you have lived there.

Just because the conditions may have changed this year and its the ‘first time’ you’ve had ice dams, it does NOT mean that you haven’t been losing money through your attic and roof in the past…you’ve just never been able to ‘see’ it before.

I’m no ‘ambulance chaser’ but if I owned an insulation company I’d be cruising neighborhoods taking pics and writing down addresses for a VERY personalized direct mail and phone call follow up later this spring.

Home Energy Audits | Horizon Residential Energy Services Maine | Portland, ME

These guys at Horizon do great work. They are not only experts in the field, but are also continuously learning and building new techniques and tools into their repertoire – that’s French for ‘get er done‘ I believe.

Efficiency Maine Participating Energy Advisor, Registered Vendor

Home Energy Audits | Horizon Residential Energy Services Maine | Portland, ME.

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