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Do you have a great product, service, idea? Great! Let’s run with it!


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April 1, 2016. Evergreen Home Performance launches line of insulated high-performance outdoor clothing

This is how you do it folks…


Evergreen Home Performance employs the insulated, high-tech qualities and high-fashion style of weatherization materials in a new line of outdoor clothing.

Evergreen’s new mountaineering outerwear employs the high-performance qualities and high-fashion style of weatherization materials the home energy efficiency and insulation company has installed for years. The result is airtight, vapor-open, and insulated to a solid R-14 with a proprietary quilting method.

Source: Evergreen launches line of insulated high-performance outdoor clothing

Latest web project goes live – Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.

I am so glad to see this completely revamped website finally get launched !!!

It was a long road to get there, but I am proud to say that the copy writing, tagline and positioning work that I started the project with served as the framework that drove the communication strategy for the entire site.


Specifically, I hope the new tagline “We’ll guide you home.” is something that really connects with their customers and prospects. These folks are pros at what they do and it was a pleasure to learn more about them and the industry they are so committed to.


I also really enjoy getting companies out of their own heads.

They come in thinking “We just do mortgages” and don’t realize that people aren’t justย  doing business with them because of this fact. That decision is both emotional and rational (in different percentages depending on the person – and the product) and therefore the messages that describe and promote this service must also have some emotional appeal as well.


I keep a note to myself visible on all of the writing projects I work on.


It says, “What are you trying to say? Can you feel it?” These are the words and phrases I brainstorm to begin every piece I write. These keywords become the soul or essence of what I want to communicate. The remainder of the process is getting the facts right and building a rhythm that keeps the reader engaged. I call this “putting the wood behind the arrow”.



bullseye! (Photo credit: happy via)


Arrowheads are great for making a point – but they still need good wood behind them to actually fly through the clutter and reach the target.


Of course, having great people providing truly exceptional service makes the job of a marketer / copywriter so much easier – just find the right words and tell the truth. I love it when a plan comes together…check it out here.


Residential Mortgage Services, Inc | Home.


I’ve always loved to write

Ever since I picked up my first pencil (or crayon) I’ve always enjoyed the process of putting my thoughts down on paper. Along the way, I’ve found that other people like what I have to say. So far, I’ve been able to make a career of it….to be continued.

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