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MPBN – Low Heating Oil Prices Could Create Incentives for Energy Efficiency Projects | Maine Public Broadcasting

Good point. Great time to “reinvest” your savings this year and improve the air quality and energy efficiency of your home for years to come.

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Understanding & Treating Ice Dams | Evergreen Home Performance | Maine

Understanding & Treating Ice Dams | Evergreen Home Performance | Maine.

In the immortal words of Brad Hamilton, “Learn it. Know it. Live it.” (or move South)

Instead of a curse, think of Ice Dams as a sign telling you that you have been silently, invisibly, constantly losing heat (and money) in your house for as long as you have lived there.

Just because the conditions may have changed this year and its the ‘first time’ you’ve had ice dams, it does NOT mean that you haven’t been losing money through your attic and roof in the past…you’ve just never been able to ‘see’ it before.

I’m no ‘ambulance chaser’ but if I owned an insulation company I’d be cruising neighborhoods taking pics and writing down addresses for a VERY personalized direct mail and phone call follow up later this spring.

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