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Gratitude is good. Don’t be afraid of it.

“Gratitude brings a song to our hearts and souls; so that even in the midst of sorrow and struggles, we are still able to dance.”

Be thankful. It’s OK. Is it just me that has a tough time embracing gratitude? Often, my feelings of gratitude are blocked by the knowledge that many, many people are less fortunate than I am.

Why should I be thankful for what I have, when I know it is so much more than others?

It seems counter intuitive, but that is one of the many thoughts I struggle with. On another level, I am forever worried that accepting gratitude into my heart will somehow make what I have disappear. “As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.” by Henry Thoreau. I truly believe in the highly rational thought that every action has a reaction, but I guess I put too much faith in the idea that not only actions, but thoughts (alone) can also create reactions and therefore consequences. Could this be true? If not (and I could believe it) then it would be safe to feel gratitude to my hearts content. In my heart and in my head I could wrap my arms around the feeling of thankfulness, knowing that the feeling itself is the beginning and end of the experience. It will not cause anything outside of my head to occur. I could for once simply enjoy the feeling of warmth, peace and contentment. Be present for what the moment provides, without a second thought of any consequence that may occur “as a result.”

For me, the most difficult piece of this to accept is that by doing so, it means that you also accept that you are powerless to control your future….that what you do (or think) today, really has no direct impact on what happens tomorrow. This can be both extremely liberating and equally terrifying. I guess it really does come down to faith. If you accept this, than you must then live each moment, each experience, each breath with intention. If you are mad, feel mad. If you are happy, feel happy. If you are tired, sleep. Hungry, eat. Embrace your inner Forrest Gump and see where it leads you…my hope is that its a more fulfilling path than the road to and from worry, regret and self consciousness. Do not waste time in judging others.

Be content with your own experience. It is yours alone. Live with it, not against it.

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