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Are you strong enough to pitch a kid?

This is such a good idea. There’s nothing like getting ‘the truth’ from a group with no pretense, filters or thoughts apart from what’s being presented right there and then. It also forces entrepreneurs to really hone their messages to be as simple and concise as possible.

Batter up ??!!

For Entrepreneurs, Pitching To Pint-Sized Sharks Is No Child’s Play


Portland Startup Community gets some good ink from Inc.

Nothing breeds success like success. I can’t think of another place with such a high percentage of smart, creative, healthy, balanced people…let alone the pioneering spirit to do something, simply because it should be done. Being self-reliant isn’t a solitary act and can have collective benefits for the whole community.

How This Tiny East Coast City of 70,000 People Is Churning Out Fast-Growing Startups | (Share from CM Browser)

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