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Steven Gerrard teamtalk: ‘It’s none of your business’, Steven Gerrard tells Geoff Shreeves – Mirror Online

Bravo Mr. Gerrard. Some moments should only belong to the people who were
there to experience them in person. People need to learn again how to place value on their experiences for what they are – in that moment,  not while thinking about what a great share, post, tweet, tag or selfie it would make. And yes, I do see the irony of writing about this on my own “social media” channel. πŸ˜‰


Chris Brogan: Owners and Marketers are Two Very Different Things

Owners and Marketers are Two Very Different Things.

Check out Chris Brogan’s take on an idea that I’ve been driving home since the days of the .com Bubble. He talks about the importance of generating revenue with your (social media) marketing efforts.

You can’t pay your rent with “clicks” or send your kid to college because you have 379 Facebook friends and a network of 682 colleagues on LinkedIn.

At the end of the day, if you haven’t directed prospects to actually do something – download, purchase, vote, recommend – then you are simply running a message board, not a business.

How do you get prospects to take the next step ? Share your ideas below.


Social Media and Content Careers to watch in 2014 – The Next Web

12 β€œit” social and content careers to watch for in 2014 – The Next Web.

I’ve got my pencil sharpened and ready to go !

Compelling content keeps people (customers) coming back to your business and your brand.

However, businesses must avoid the common pitfall of trying to turn “social media” into “selling media” right off the bat.

You wouldn’t jump on a prospect to buy buy buy as soon as they walked into your store…so don’t be pushy with your prospects online either. That’s why it’s often better to work with an independent, nonpartisan content writer who can take a more sustainable approach to communicating with your customers instead of AT your customers.

Stop shouting. Even online customers hate pushy sales tactics.

Stop shouting. Even online customers hate pushy sales tactics.









Want more loyalty from your customers? Engage with them. Answer their questions. Trust them. When they are ready to buy, they’ll find their way back to you.

What brands are you seeing that are doing it right ? Tell me about it.

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