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Ductless Gaining Inroads Across the US | 2015-04-27 | ACHRNEWS

There’s still an awareness issue surrounding this technology and it’s gonna take more time before the “masses” really catch on to how these things work and why they’re a wise investment to supplement / offset their homes existing heating systems. I just hope the manufacturers will continue to develop products at all price points and not just focus on adding new bells and whistles that keep prices high. Time will tell.

~ TK


Technological advances, a more energy-conscious society, and a wave of available energy utility rebates are invigorating ductless heating and cooling solutions in the U.S. According to Navigant Research, ductless systems will account for nearly 30 percent of all North American energy-efficient HVAC system revenue by 2020.

Source: Ductless Gaining Inroads Across the US | 2015-04-27 | ACHRNEWS

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