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I want my “”

The popularity of online communities such as eHarmony and has exploded over the past few years and show no signs of slowing down.

Today, time strapped, love hungry singles have clearly moved past the stigma once associated with using “online dating” services and are now embracing the technology to help them find Mr. or Mrs. Right…right NOW!

Opposites attract...just don't expect it from online job sites.

Opposites attract…just don’t expect it from online job sites.

What the dating sites have figured out is that creating a successful, long term partnership is not as simple as putting birds of a feather together.

For several years now, online dating services have invested heavily to come up with “smarter” ways to make love connections between strangers by developing proprietary algorithms that go beyond simply matching people that happen to share common traits.

Unfortunately, most online career sites still rely on matching people with jobs based on the lowest common denominator – keywords.

As a result, many companies waste too much time recruiting people based primarily on what they have done in the past, without ever considering who they are as a person or what their long term potential may be.

At the same time, job seekers are forced to “work the system” and mold their work experience to fit the <hashtag> keywords du jour.

What a waste of time and creative energy.

I find it painfully ironic that the sources we turn to most for career advice (a career that we will spend more time working at then we will with our spouses) do not yet have the capability to somehow interpret our skills, education and professional experiences and guide us towards a more fulfilling line of work.

Can it really be any more difficult to match people with a few hundred occupations than it is to match hundreds of thousands of individuals with potential life partners?

Maybe all the developers at Monster are cruising looking for true love?

Maybe this is why online job sites are still so dumb.

Maybe this is why online job sites are still so dumb.

After all, they’ve already found jobs.

Am I right or wrong? Are there job search sites out there that are using predictive technology to match you with a new career or are they all still living in the past?

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