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Attn: MEDIA – Please Let Elmo Live on…in Peace.

Attention media (including late night tv hosts, radio personalities and shock-bloggers) – for the sake of our kids, please do all of us a favor let this Elmo nonsense go quietly into “Bolivian” as Iron Mike would say. You’ve done your job and “reported the news.” Now let it go. Making more of this situation because the guy happens to be famous is shallow and a lazy way to get some laughs. Trust me, in the long run, continuing to force this issue into the spotlight is going to do more harm than good. There is simply no way that a child of 2,3,4,5 yrs old will be able to grasp the concept of Elmo as “just a puppet” and really shouldn’t have to anyway. Hell, I can remember getting my license as a teenager and thinking to myself, “Cool, maybe NOW I can finally figure out how to get to Sesame Street. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in New York.” As a character “Elmo” lives in the hearts and minds of millions of children and we (cynical adults) have no right to infect that very special, innocent place with the problems and inappropriate choices some people make in the real world.

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