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“It is never too late to give up our prejudices”

A view from the “other side.” Eye opening or jaw dropping ?

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    I just can’t understand this thinking, though I tried my best to back up my point of view with some reality, the truth really is that peoples (own) perception is the only reality that matters. I only hope we don’t have another tragedy like this one to once again have this same argument <sigh>.
    Tim King 1- Cars have another(primary) purpose other than killing people. 2- We drive safe cars that do everything they can to not kill us. 3 – We don’t drive super high powered monster attack vehicles on the road, just because we “have a right” too. 4- there are strict rules about driving too close to a school bus, not buckling up your kids, smoking, leaving them unattended and anything else that puts kids lives in danger. Outside of a war zone, has anyone EVER actually “defended themselves” – as in “get our of my house robber, cuz I got an Uzi ? Hey don’t pick on that old lady or I’ll just run back to my truck and get my 80 rounds a second assault rifle? I need armor piercing bullets because the REAL bad guys wear Kevlar ? C’mon get real. Carrying a pistol if you really are that terrified that the world is out to get you is one thing (realty slap) – if you ain’t part of the elite 1% of the populous , the “world” could care less about any one of us. And hunting responsibly for sport or food is another thing too, but we’ve been killing game with sticks, rocks, arrows and single bullets for centuries, and last I checked, deer, moose, bear, duck, coyote etc haven’t magically evolve to the point where super high powered machine guns are needed to pierce their armor plated hides, supersonic speed or to ward of calculated group attacks from our “prey”. There simply is no need for any weapon of mass murder- nuclear, biological or man made. Accidents, natural selection, famine and pollution will kill enough of us off as it is, there’s plenty of death to go around all ready. No need to speed things up by making it easier for any one person to wreck hundreds of people’s lives in an instant of insanity. “We were so busy trying to figure out if we COULD, we never stopped to think if we SHOULD.” – jeff goldblum’s character in Jurrasic Park. There’s no room for dinosaurs in today’s world – real, imagined or elected.
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  • Tom T. Lol– I rest my case!
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  • Tom T. 1- so do firearms!
    2-we (legally licensed trained gun owners) are trained in gun safety and do everything possible to keep our firearms safe and secure from injuring or killing human or animal life inappropriately!
    3-Actually, there are tons of high powered vehicles out there that not only kill indiscriminately, but also destroy Mother Earth ! They are not a right but an “entiitlement ” which one could lose very easily!
    4-there are also strict rules about where one can legally fire a gun near schools, residents, alcohol use, and keeping a firearm locked and secure! We are trained not to leave firearms unattended or do anything to put a child in harms way!
    As for defending one self or your family, carrying for personal protection, or fear of someone kicking in your door to steal, rape or to kill, not all of us are fortunate enough to live in lilly white neighborhoods or work where crime is nonexistent ! ( reality slap)
    So people actually do defend themselves, family, friends, property and businesses every day! One wouldn’t know that though when living in Hooterville where the only crime committed is a Zumba Club where a man AND his wife can go to burn some energy! As for hunting, excuse me for not only feeding my family, but for donating hundreds of pounds of meat to local MAINE food kitchens for people who are less fortunate and down on their luck!!
    I believe you used the word insanity! That is where your problem lies! Mental health is all but forgotten in this world! My guess Tim is that there are no violent video games in your house! Parental controls on the TV so that only Disney TV or Sesame st are the only stations permitted! Good for you! Because violence on TV , video games, lack if mental healthcare and not enforcing the laws that are already in place are the culprits !
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  • Tim King Your missing the point. All those things could be done with regular pistols and rifles. That’s not the issue. There is a time and place to defend yourself, and certainly there are parts of the world where you need to do that more than others. That’s an individual choice, along with choosing to live someplace else. Maybe you’d see it differently if the gun man at kent state killed dozens of kids instead of “just” half a dozen, or the bullet(s) that killed JFK and almost killed Reagan also sprayed the crowd of bystanders with bullets – killing dozens of innocent men, women and children, with the same single pull of the trigger. Sure there are mental health issues that the whole country needs to address too, but we’ll never be able to predict or prevent people who want to do harm to others. With that in mind, I’d much rather take my chances in a mall, cinema, restaurant or school with my kids if the guy had a six shooter or single action rifle (or whatever the right lingo is.) rather than a weapon designed to kill and mame as many soldiers it can on the battlefield. I shouldn’t be able to buy a high powered automatic assault weapon for the same reason I can’t set up a meth lab at my house, build a nuclear weapon, poison the water supply or yell Fire! In a movie theater…because the outcome (while not completely predictable) is much more likely to end badly for a large number of people. With great power comes great responsibility…when that power can be gained without responsibility, experience, judgement, conscious or remorse, than god help us all. There’s a good reason why only the president has access to “the button” , why the warden is the only one with keys to the prison, or access to the execution button. While its true that no one would be calling for a ban on cars if that kid decided to get drunk and ram it into a bus or into that school of kids instead, then again it’s very likely that if he did chose to use his vehicle as a weapon instead of that gun, the number of people killed would have been considerably less than 26.
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  • Tom T. Actually Tim, you missed the point! Go back to my original post. There is nothing in it about assault rifles, clips, nukes, armor piercing bullets, hunting, machine guns, or Kelvar vests!! My point was where the the blame lies or shouldn’t . Go back and read it. How could I miss the point when I am the one who made the point!
    YOU are obviously the one who missed the point! You are obviously one of the people who don’t get it!
    My original post only questioned where the blame lies! I believe it lies on the person behind WHATEVER weapon he/she chooses to mis-use. Not the weapon. 
    Hopefully, that will help you get it! (which I seriously doubt)
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  • Tim King we’ll agree to disagree then. Of course the person is to blame for his/her actions, what I’m saying is those actions would not be as terrible if access to that type of weapon did not exist. Guns are not bad, people are bad. The same as DRANO, TNT, Fertilizer, Spray Paint, Sudafed and anything else people can abuse is not bad on its own. However, all of these “not bad” items are monitored and responsibly sold so that its at least more difficult for bad people to harm themselves or others with them. It’s a matter of degrees…Bad/sick people with a knife,taser,or pepper spray is dangerous. Bad/sick people with a gun is terrible. Bad/sick people with a bigger, more powerful gun is awful. Bad/sick people with “highly lethal weapons manufactured for combat and to stop criminals” that can “can fire up to five bullets a second” is a massacre waiting to happen and it did. It’s as simple of A+B = C. Since its impossible to treat/cure or capture every bad/sick person in the US, the only other other way to try and effect the equation is to do whatever you can (and by you I mean the government/law enforcement) to take away the access to weapons “designed for military and law enforcement use” only. The person to blame here is the shooter, he’s dead, by his own plan.
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  • Tim King …and since we can’t bring him to justice, or predict when and where it will happen again, its the responsibility of our government/law enforcement to do what it can to try and prevent it from happening again. From mental health issues, training for teachers and students (which helped in this case) to determining if anyone really NEEDS this type of weapon in their home. When kids died in car accidents, the gov mandated seat belts and car seats and now fewer kids die, when kids died in house fires, the government mandated smoke detectors and now fewer kids die, when kids died from lead paint, the government banned lead paint and fewer kids died. I by no means think the government is perfect or even capable at many many things, but they are the law of the land until we elect a new one, so that is the frame that we have to work within. If you think more guns is the answer to “keeping the peace” then spend some time in the middle east, africa or any other “warring” place on earth , where everyone has guns, legally and otherwise, and see how safe you feel. I’m done.
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