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The One Big Problem With Conspiracy Theories

Via Grist 1-28-16  – Most conspiracy theories have one giant problem | Grist 

OK. OK. I was playing along until Ms. Jacobs indicated that the researchers conclusion was based on the assumption that every single person working at NASA would have had to been “in” on the scheme….or that a whopping 411,000 people knew all there was to know about how the moon landing was gonna be rigged. Really? Even, Betty in the cafeteria, JJ the security guard at the front gate and Emilio who works in landscaping?

I’d say the actual number of truly “knowledgeable” employees would have somewhere between maybe 411 and 4,000 people max, right?

Now THAT would certainly change the formula Mr. Grimes created and also make the time for the “secret” to inevitably come out take 100x longer then the 3.68 years he predicted (don’t check my math…I’m a writer not a numbers geek.)

Now, the science about climate change is real…and I know it to be real because the scientific method confirms it. Many independent studies and experiments have come to the same conclusion. That’s fact.

On the other hand, only ONE organization has proof that we went to the moon. NASA. Sure, we may in fact have gone to the moon and back – using tin foil suits and using technology less powerful than what’s inside the phone I am now typing on…but I maintain a healthy skepticism about the whole thing. It just all seemed to have happened a little too quickly and easily for me too swallow. The author in this case has it right…we do give people WAY too much credit sometimes. JFK said we need to do it and then bing-bang-boom 5 years later we’re there…and then we never go back? What was it then? Just another notch on the ol’ USA Bucket List? Been there, done that…hey, now lets try and go to Mars next! Yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket.  ~ TK

PS – I’m also considering another potential impossibility perpetuated by the Boomer Generation. How the hell could John, Paul, Ringo and George write all those lyrics and tunes in less than 10 years….ALL  BY THEMSELVES ??? C’mon. Chew on that for a while….koo-koo-ka-choo indeed.

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~ Tim

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