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Listen. Changes Ahead.

When the lights go out. What sounds remain?

My 15 yr old will likely never hear a fax squeal. My 10 yr old may never hear a VHS tape rewinding.

Neither one recognizes the noise of a telephone calls busy signal. They could never guess the origin of the clickety clack sounds that come from of a typewriter or a record player. Likewise, I know that I could not identify the crank of a Model T or the sloshing of a butter churn. Could you?

What other sounds have completely vanished from our world these last 10, 15, 25 or 100 years? Yet, others remain. Unchanged.

Still, always, and from the very beginning, the wind howls, streams gurgle, birds call, insects buzz and waves crash on the shore.

This, I think, should serve as a good barometer of what is worthy of our attention, right now. Eventually, all of the electronic beeps, rings, hums and strums that interrupt our thoughts and actions today will also disappear.

Just as the clatter of telegraph machines has been silenced forever, our tweets, pings and pokes one day will disappear too. What then?

Still, always, as before and (with luck) evermore, the wind will whistle and howl, water will rush towards the sea and leaves will rustle gently in the breeze.

HDT once said that “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Today, he might very well amend this famous line to also include the words “…and our sanity.”

So. What are you listening for?

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