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Top Brands by State – Famous or Infamous ?

The Corporate States of America: A Map That Shows Each State’s Most Famous Brand | Adweek.

I would certainly argue that it’s more important to be “good” than famous. In my book, gaining “celebrity” status is useless if you can’t do anything good as a result of it. That said, I am proud of the efforts that some of these “famous” brands have taken over the years to think more mindfully and sustainably about their impact on our world.

Most notably for me is LL Bean represented my current home state of Maine along with other Northeast companies such as Ben & Jerry’s (Vermont) and Timberland (New Hampshire).

Sure, other big names like Apple, Harley-Davidson and NIKE are also important companies to some. But smile for smile, I’d put my money on the pure joy of eating a scoop of Chunky Monkey , hiking in the Maine woods with my LL Bean gear  in a trusty pair of long lasting, well made,  Timberland boots any day!

Then again, where would the world be today without Hooters ?

Think of all those poor women out of work, wandering the streets of Florida…searching for someone to appreciate their tremendous assets.

God Bless America.

(Would love to see someone take on the challenge of trying to tie the worst companies to each state.) Has it ever been done? If so, let me know…

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