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My Take – (Via Huffington Post) Falling Oil Prices Are Good News

Way to go America! You did it ! Oil and gas prices are receding…now don’t screw it up by going back to the ‘old days and the old ways’. The best is yet to come

Rather than looking on the falling prices with worry and fear (as big media and big business will try to encourage), what IF falling prices are a result of the reduced demand for oil because of the growing use of alternative energy, efficiency programs and behavior changes?

What IF we did something right and it actually worked ?!!? OMG indeed.

You can't "unlearn" riding a bike.

You can’t “unlearn” riding a bike.

Alternative no more.

If we were all still driving SUVs – if 16 wheelers didn’t install those air foils under their containers – if thousands of households and businesses weren’t seeing real energy savings from installing solar, wind, geothermal – if Energy Star appliances weren’t so popular – and if CFL’s, LEDs and smarter overall energy usage wasn’t now part of the ‘everday conversation’ of millions of Americans, prices would have continued to rise.

Instead, prices are receding…and soon the pressure will on to ‘reward’ ourselves by going back to way things were.

Resist the temptation. As Billy Joel said, “The good ol’ days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.” 

Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

Yes, let’s keep the faith people. Appreciate the pain we’ve endured over the last decade and realize it’s purpose was to provide the reality slap we all needed to stop and really see what was happening – to our lives and our planet.

The optimist in me hopes that we acted in time and have bought future generations a little more time to inhabit a planet with a sufficient amount of clean air, water and safe habitats (free of super storms, fires, floods, etc).

So please, please, please, keep up the good work. Conserve where you can. Reduce Reuse Recycle. Build smarter, more efficient buildings and appliances to go inside of them.

Darwin did NOT say that only the strong survive but rather those that adapt to their environment best. Our difficulty as humans inhabiting a huge and diverse amount of land is that our environment is also changing…faster then ever before. Logically, this also means that our response to these changes must also be made faster than in the past.

Darwin Adapt to Change

Adapt or die. Such is the way of the world.

Unfortunately, our track record in this regard is not good.

That said, I’ll settle for our standard means of progress at this point – two steps forward and one step back is good enough for me, as long as some of us continue to take those TWO steps forward.

So keep those thermostats turned down. Keep your spending modest and your exuberance high this holiday season. Keep insulating. Keep innovating. Keep informed. Keep moving forward.

We’re by no means out of the woods yet. But if we keep working at it, there’s a chance that there may still be some woods left for future generations to get lost in too.

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Falling Oil Prices Are Good News For You And The Economy.

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