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Yes, Virginia. There are still “crazy” people out there. Thank God.

I’m currently reading “The Professor and the Madman” which is the story of the monumental task of creating the first, comprehensive Oxford English Dictionary (500,000+ words) and while reading it, I have thought that maybe there are no longer “crazy people” such as James Murray and poor Dr. Minor out there to take on these same types of unthinkably large tasks “just to see if it could be done.”

After all, consider this – Working with volunteer researchers around the world and with a whole team of writers and editors on staff, FIVE YEARS into a proposed ten-year project (1879-1884) , Murray and his editors finally reach the word “ant” !!

So much for THAT 10-year plan.

Then, over this past weekend,  I just happened to catch this segment on CBS News’ Sunday Morning program. Apparently, an engineering student was golfing from coast to coast across the entire United States (Par 48,000 anyone?) to help raise some money for a cause – AND to see if it could be done.

Golfer back on course after world’s longest round – CBS News Video.”

…so yes, thankfully, the “crazy” people are still out there – along with, maybe, the truth.

Edison Apple Think Different Poster

So what do you think ? Are you for them or against them ? Or, perhaps you ARE one of them ? Do you value, criticize or simply ignore the contributions of those who seem to march  – according the words of Thoreau – to the tune of a different drummer ?

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