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Throwaway Branding Lessons From Starbucks


Say what you want about them, but Starbucks really knows how to be Starbucks. On my last visit I remembered to ask if they had any used coffee grounds that I could use at home in my compost pile. One of the baristas gleefully said “absolutely” and scurried off into the back room.

Moments later she reemerged with nifty, heavy duty bag stuffed to the brim with spent grounds. Then, folding the top over (paper lunch bag style) she tossed a handy dandy oversized sticker / label on the front to hold the closed.

Now, could they have sent me home with a generic white plastic trash bag? Of course. Would i have been just as happy to dump it’s contents onto my compost? Probably.

Will I compare the Starbucks bag with whatever container some other coffee shop sends me home with the next time I ask THEM for their old.grounds. Absolutely, and forever more.

The Lesson: There are NO small opportunities to reinforce your brand in the minds of your customers and prospects….only small-minded marketers who refuse to believe that it’s the little things – done right – that can have the biggest effect on a companies brand.

What opportunities do you take to remind your customers of why they do business with you ?


Social Media and Content Careers to watch in 2014 – The Next Web

12 “it” social and content careers to watch for in 2014 – The Next Web.

I’ve got my pencil sharpened and ready to go !

Compelling content keeps people (customers) coming back to your business and your brand.

However, businesses must avoid the common pitfall of trying to turn “social media” into “selling media” right off the bat.

You wouldn’t jump on a prospect to buy buy buy as soon as they walked into your store…so don’t be pushy with your prospects online either. That’s why it’s often better to work with an independent, nonpartisan content writer who can take a more sustainable approach to communicating with your customers instead of AT your customers.

Stop shouting. Even online customers hate pushy sales tactics.

Stop shouting. Even online customers hate pushy sales tactics.









Want more loyalty from your customers? Engage with them. Answer their questions. Trust them. When they are ready to buy, they’ll find their way back to you.

What brands are you seeing that are doing it right ? Tell me about it.

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