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‘Your ad here?’ Marketers turn to tattoos. Via PRDaily

Tattoos are deeply personal, powerful and permanent. Just like the relationship with your customers, right ?

No? Read on…

Not only are tattoos an outward sign of belief in a certain idea (person, place or thing) they also mark a specific time and place that reminds somebody of what they were feeling at that moment…allowing them to go back there in their mind whenever they see the tat. Make your brand a feeling that people want to experience over and over again.

If this is the extreme in ‘brand allegiance’ then there are certainly steps along this path that could still help drive your business.

First step: On a scale of 1-10 (where 10 is getting a tattoo of your brand) how strongly do you think the next prospect/customer you come in contact with feels about your brand ?

‘Your ad here?’ Marketers turn to tattoos | Articles | Home.

Below five (5) ??  Your Mission : Create an emotional experience that people will remember…and want to come back to.

But let’s be careful out their folks. Forehead tattoos are ALWAYS a bad idea. Always.

....are ALWAYS a bad idea. No matter how much they pay you.

….are ALWAYS a bad idea. No matter how much they pay you.


How do you show customers the love ? How do they share it back to you ?


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