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Watch “Garrett King Soccer Highlights | Seacoast United Mariners vs Manchester United Academy” on YouTube

With Alans video editing skills we wereally finally able to post some highlights togerher from Garrett’s Seacoast United (white) match against the Manchester United Academy (red) boys team over in England a few short years ago.


Climate Change – The 1,000,000 foot view. A very unique perspective indeed. 

Space, Climate Change, and the Real Meaning of Theory – The New Yorker (Share from CM Browser)

Brilliant Pokémon tip jar

You don’t need to spend megabucks to capitalize on “What’s Hot”. You just need to pay attention and get a little creative. (They’ve already emptied the jar once since I first arrived at this coffee shop less than 3 hours ago.) 

~ TK

The benefit of paying attention to the World around you.

Awareness is a virtue. You just never know what you’ll be able to see that so many others may not.

Photo from a SoPo parking lot

Staying alert to random instances of marketing brilliance has been a lifelong hobby of mine.




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Nature’s Concierge | Green & Healthy Maine – A Visitor’s Guide || Summer & Fall 2016

A history of and information about registered Maine Guides and how they can help you to explore the state.

Tim King Maine-Based Freelance Writer

Maine Guides: Nature’s Concierge, Summer 2016. Tim King

By Tim King


When most people think about the type of services that a Guide might provide, the first thing that comes to mind is their ability to lead hunters and fisherman to “secret” spots where the fish are always biting and the game is always abundant.

While many Maine Guides provide these types of services, many Guides are also well qualified and quite content to lead outdoor expeditions where the only shooting is done with a camera and the only rods are found in a bag of pretzels.

Read the entire article and more here: Nature’s Concierge | Green & Healthy Maine | A Visitor’s Guide Summer 2016 via The SunriseGuide

A Closed-Loop Carwash? Yup. Check out Who’s Making Recycled Water That’s Clean Enough for a Spot Free Rinse.

Here’s another press release I wrote for one company that’s making it easier for many of us to go to a commercial car wash and leave with both a clean car and clean conscious…knowing that it used “less” water than it would have taken if we were to wash our vehicle at home. Good stuff, and car washes aren’t the only businesses that could benefit from these types of water reclamation systems. Schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants…



Aqua Bio Technologies introduces new Bio Softreat Enhancement for Bio Pro Complete Water Restoration Systems

International Carwash Association

Source: Aqua Bio Technologies introduces new Bio Softreat Enhancement for Bio Pro Complete Water Restoration Systems

A Closed-Loop Water Resource: Now Open for Business

“Together, the Aqua Bio Technologies solution creates the first truly closed-loop biologic water restoration system for vehicle wash businesses. The additional capabilities of the Bio Softreat system allows car wash operators to create a continuously regenerating source of clean, spot-free-rinse quality water – without the expense of adding new water into the system or disposing of wastewater through the municipal sewer system.”


Nature’s Concierge. Seeing Maine in a whole new way…through the eyes of a Guide.

For this article, I interviewed several Registered Maine Guides who described some of the many benefits of exploring the outdoors with the “eyes of someone who knows what both of you are looking at.”

Brought to you by The SunriseGuide, the Green & Healthy Maine Visitor’s Guide is unlike any other tourist guide on the shelves

This was a lot of fun to write and I hope it shines new light on the idea that Registered Guides are more than just a great resource for hunting and fishing trips.

Check out the story below and you’ll “see” what I mean.



“Eh, What’s up, Doc?”

Green & Healthy Maine. Visitor’s Guide.

Nature’s Concierge: Finding your way with a registered Maine Guide

Green & Healthy Maine is available for purchase at newsstands throughout Maine and New England. In addition, it can be found at major tourist hubs (including the state-run visitor’s centers in Kittery, Yarmouth, Fryeburg and Hampden, airport, train & bus stations, and the Ocean Gateway ferry terminal); cottage rental agencies; at select restaurants, hotels, and retail stores; and at Chamber visitor centers throughout Maine.


It’s never too late..

“It is never too late to give up your prejudices.”

Henry Thoreau and Prejudice

Henry wrote this in 1850. Even when you look beyond race and religion, prejudice still has many forms and causes so much pain, doubt and turmoil in our lives.

Are you a “have not” who is prejudice against the “haves” or vice versa? A conservative who is prejudice against a liberal? A US citizen prejudice against all of “them” – whoever they are?

Wherever and however people can be different from one another, prejudice lurks in the shadows. Searching and waiting for moment of weakness. It invades our thoughts at the precise moment that something happens that we don’t like, agree with or want to deal with honestly.

It’s prejudice that preys on our human condition to try and make sense out of anything and everything we experience in order to trick ourselves into believing that we actually have the power to prevent or change whatever it is that has happened.

The perverse logic follows that if we are unable to control what has happened, then we still must be able control something for us to be able to accept it – and that something becomes blame. In other words, if something bad happens, and if I didn’t cause it to happen then (logically) someone else must have caused it to happen. Isn’t it so much easier to say that something is “their fault” than to admit that we (at times) are completely powerless and that life is a never-ending fragile balance of both good and bad experiences?

It’s important to point out that giving up on prejudices does not necessarily mean that you must love, understand or even agree with everyone, all the time. People are different and each individual has come from a collection of experiences that are both similar and potentially very different from our own. Prejudice wants to make us believe that only “our way” is the right way….therefore anyone who does not do-think-look-smell-act like us is wrong.

Prejudice is srengthened by vanity. Weakened by humility.

Henry himself was not immune to prejudices, just as none of us are. He disliked and disagreed with many – as they did of him. However, Henry became self-aware of these thoughts and then actively worked to keep them at bay. He didn’t go “out” to try and convince others to change, like so many others do.

Instead, he focused his energy on what he knew he could have some control over – the thoughts that were  forming inside his mind. Turns out, that this was not only a much shorter journey, it also became more personally fulfilling than any oratory or public debate ever could. We are all fortunate enough that he then had the good sense to capture as best he could these thoughts and experiences in written form. In this way Henry has provided us a guidebook to help us along the way and proof that the transcendental journey is not only possible, but altogether necessary to live a full and meaningful life.

Henry encourages each of us to influence and teach others by example, not through coercion, force or discipline. Be present in The World and accept that it is what it is…and will always (and only) become what we make of it.

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

So, will you choose to curse the rose for having thorns or cherish the thorns for producing and protecting such a beautiful thing as a rose ?


New fridge envy? Go for it.

Don’t sweat tossing out the old and buying a new icebox…it’s a smart move. Here’s why:

These simple steps will make your refrigerator work better | Grist

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