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If you want The Media to pay attention, you gotta give em’ what they want…how, when and where they want it. A well written press release is the foundation, what gets built on top of it depends on who you are trying to impress.  

The Purpose of a Press Release is to plant a seed for The Media to sow your story.

Getting a busy reporter to “bite” on a story idea is all about preparation, intuition and gumption.

     Step #1 – Think like a journalist and prepare your pitch based on the facts. Then offer the resources to help the reporter or editor put the story together. A press release is a good start.

     Step #2 – Pay attention. Understand what’s being talked about locally, nationally and globally. Work to create an authentic link between what’s going on and what you do.  

     Step #3 – Get noticed. Be direct and to the point – not arrogant or rude – and let the journalist know what makes this such a good story idea for his/her audience.


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“Be true to your work, your word and your friend.”
~ Henry 

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