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How to Create Great Content That People Will Love (and Share) | via

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this “How To” article wasn’t full of fluff…but rather had some real, concrete ideas and real-world examples (written in plain English) that made it both fun and informative to read (and share). So I guess this guy knows what he’s talking about AND who he wants to talk to.


Jeff Haden is a ghostwriter, speaker, LinkedIn Influencer, and contributing editor to Inc. 

He says that the actual content you create is important…but not nearly as important as the reason why. Read his latest post here:

Source: How to Create Great Content People Will Love (and Share) |

Should Creating a Strong Brand Architecture Trump SEO Best Practices? 

In a word, YES. Hugely, actually.

The first step in any SEO project should be to explain to the client that SEO will be the last step in the process.

Learn how – and why – you should (1) personify both Google and your own website and (2) consolidate different business segments, products or services online under a single umbrella. Then use SEO best practices to guide visitors to the specific landing page that best matches their needs at that moment.

~ TK

Check out Vital Design’s How Brand Architecture Can Lead to Better SEO and Search Engine Results

“…look at Google as you would a consumer….this is really how Google sees itself anyway. Google tries as best it can to support sites where it feels user experience will be the most informative and consistent across the board.”

Looking to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine ranking for your company? Here’s what happens when you lack strong brand architecture.

Source: How Brand Architecture Can Make Better SEO & Search Engine Results | Vital Design

75 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without


OK, so I generally dislike “Top XYZ” articles of any kind…primarily on principle rather than because of what they may or may not offer in terms of information. My nonconformist tendencies make it very difficult for me to get excited by any writing that limits its scope right from the start.

I know it’s a “Best Practice” and all that, I just think it limits creativity and I find myself always looking for the illusive Tip #6, #11 etc. that (I imagine) has been relegated to the cutting room floor. “The one tip that we didn’t want you to know about.” suggests my conspiracy theoried brain.

However, I will say that this recent post struck me as being different.

“75 Tools” ?? I mean, that’s got to be just about EVERYTHING that I’d want to consider using to be more creative and productive at the same time. THAT my friends is the Holy Grail of content marketing, right?

So give this list a looksee. I’m sure you’ll find something cool and new to add to your tool belt. I’m planning to basically bookmark everyone of these sites so I can call them up the next time I’m stuck or wondering “how can I do what i need to do, faster…so I can do more of the other stuff too.”



Are you seeking ways to take your content marketing strategy to the next level? There are thousands of tactics to consider, but you have a limited supply of amount of time…

Source: 75 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

Kickin’ it…with Kickstart Consulting.

Kickstart Consulting creates and implements tightly focused, highly effective PR and social media campaigns that position our B2B clients within their key markets and establish them as thought leaders. Our efforts center on raising their media profile, establishing their corporate and product credibility, and leveraging support from their customers and partners. We put our clients into as many public discussions as possible, ensuring that they fit into what people want to read about and what reporters and analysts want to write about.

Kickstart Consulting

PR and social media campaigns for B2B clients.





Our services include:
• PR strategy and positioning
• Thought leadership programs
• Media relations
• Social media outreach
• Launches, conference-related PR, and other media events
• Industry analyst relations
• Writing services: press releases, case studies, white papers, articles and blogs
• Interim corporate communication services
• Access to our marketing services network

©2015 Kickstart Consulting. B2B Technology Communication. Not affiliated with Kickstarter. | 650.346.8990

The Secret to Landing a Meeting with Someone You Admire

Some good ideas here about getting some time with potential mentors, employers and the movers and shakers in your line of work.

Just make sure you deliver on what say you will do. Don’t burn bridges by pitching an outlet that doesn’t exist.

Here’s the Secret to Landing a Meeting with Someone You Admire.

SEO Keywords – Just Bark? That Bites.

Remember walking down the midway at the carnival and hearing a man shouting about “THE most amazing, fabulous, stupendous, unbelievable sights” just waiting for you inside?

“Yes Sir ! Step right up, folks! There’s plenty of room. C’mon inside and see … you simply won’t believe your eyes!”

They call this guy a “Barker” and his (or her) sole job is to get passers-by to stop, listen and become SO captivated and curious about the attraction that they immediately feel compelled to willingly and enthusiastically hand over their hard earned money JUST for the chance to take look inside.

Step Right Up Folks !! We got your keywords right here !!

Step Right Up Folks !! We got your SEO right here !!

The time tested staples of the Barker’s verbal repertoire generally emphasize some one-of-a-kind variety, novelty, beauty, or perhaps some unusual or grotesque feature.

“One day only!” “Don’t miss out.” “The only one known to man.” “Never seen before.” “From the depths of the black forest.” “Amaze your friends and neighbors.”

Two tickets please.

Unfortunately, chances are that the amazing spectacle vividly described outside the tent will generally have little in common with the mediocrity found within.  

And, the Barker could care less. He got you in the door – butts in seats – and that’s all he really cares about. “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Today, the same can be said about building your business website strictly around certain “keywords” only to enhance the sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) status.

Sure, barking out the right buzz words and phrases out into the cyber-world will certainly attract visitors to your site. What’s even better, the more you repeat these words over and over, the more Google and Yahoo will think that you are really something important.

Yes, their complicated algorithms may be smart, but the human intellect is still the only thing able to sniff out BS – both online and on your shoe.

The reality is that it’s not enough that web searchers are able to find your website. In other words, it don’t mean a thing if they don’t spend some bling.

Last I checked, you can’t pay your rent with “clicks” or pay your employees with “likes”.

You can't buy Jack with "likes" - unless you're Fonzie.

You can’t buy Jack with “likes” – unless you’re Fonzie.

At the end of the day, your website needs to be able to convince its visitors to take action. Trouble is, turning a visitor into a paying customer takes much more than a few strategically placed keywords and some SEO-friendly text.

As always, convincing a customer to buy takes trust…and trust is a very complicated thing to establish online, especially if your website is focused primarily on only telling YOUR COMPANY’S story and not the story of your customers.

Trust me. Customers won't buy without it. (Via DM NEWS)

Trust me. Customers won’t buy without it. (Via DM NEWS)

Effective, customer-centric copywriting should answer the questions that customers are thinking about and proactively address their fears, objections and uncertainties. The ultimate goal is not only getting them to buy, but to also feel good about the transaction, and maybe tell their friends too.

So stop barking and start thinking about what problem you solve for customers – then tell THAT story (over and over) in all of your marketing materials.

Otherwise, all you’ll get is a website full of unhappy people wondering how they let themselves get swindled into believing there was really something special behind the curtain.



Ransom Consulting – New England Environmental Engineering

Take a look at my latest web content writing project. I learned a lot about all the work that goes on – often behind the scenes – to make spaces and structures safe, clean and built to last !

Ransom Consulting

Orchestrating a symphony of change.

Ransom Consulting - Saco River Mill Project. Saco Maine

Ransom Consulting – Saco River Mill Project. Saco Maine

“Working in concert to confidently direct a diverse group of project stakeholders, including financial institutions, attorneys, developers, engineers and construction managers, Ransom Consulting has the experience and technical expertise to confidently and accurately assess the environmental concerns of any site – large or small.”

This was a great project to work on. The client had a good amount of information available – it just needed to be infused with a little life. Working with senior staff, I was able to decipher much of “science-talk” and distill some very complicated processes and services into language that was easier to understand.

Thanks to the clean design and thoughtful approach to page hierarchy from the web experts at iBec Creative the whole site came together right on schedule.

When iBec says, “We want you to have a great website — that works.”  They mean it.  Websites are not static advertisements that simply look over and over. They are responsive, dynamic entry points to your company and your brand promise.

Latest web project goes live – Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.

I am so glad to see this completely revamped website finally get launched !!!

It was a long road to get there, but I am proud to say that the copy writing, tagline and positioning work that I started the project with served as the framework that drove the communication strategy for the entire site.


Specifically, I hope the new tagline “We’ll guide you home.” is something that really connects with their customers and prospects. These folks are pros at what they do and it was a pleasure to learn more about them and the industry they are so committed to.


I also really enjoy getting companies out of their own heads.

They come in thinking “We just do mortgages” and don’t realize that people aren’t just  doing business with them because of this fact. That decision is both emotional and rational (in different percentages depending on the person – and the product) and therefore the messages that describe and promote this service must also have some emotional appeal as well.


I keep a note to myself visible on all of the writing projects I work on.


It says, “What are you trying to say? Can you feel it?” These are the words and phrases I brainstorm to begin every piece I write. These keywords become the soul or essence of what I want to communicate. The remainder of the process is getting the facts right and building a rhythm that keeps the reader engaged. I call this “putting the wood behind the arrow”.



bullseye! (Photo credit: happy via)


Arrowheads are great for making a point – but they still need good wood behind them to actually fly through the clutter and reach the target.


Of course, having great people providing truly exceptional service makes the job of a marketer / copywriter so much easier – just find the right words and tell the truth. I love it when a plan comes together…check it out here.


Residential Mortgage Services, Inc | Home.


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