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“It is never too late to give up our prejudices”


Getting Dirty is Good for the Soul

Henry, On Hiring

Do not hire a man Quote from Thoreau

Writing without seeing

Hands down, writing this series of blog posts for Armor Guys website was one of the most technically difficult writing assignments that I completed in 2017. Instantly educating yourself about new technology, processes, or in this case an entirely new material can be a challenge, but it’s exciting too.

If you haven’t heard about Graphene yet, I’m sure you will soon…it has the potential to change everything.


Prell? Yeah, Just F’ ing Prell. It’s green. It cleans your hair. ‘Nuf Said.


“Prell leaves hair radiantly alive!” So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Sometimes, you stumble across something that  reminds you of how simple things used to be.

In a world filled with nourishing, hydrating, volumizing, cleansing, nutrition, resurrection, tear free, reparative, stimulating, revitalizing,therapeutic, silky, moisture rich, anti itch, dandruff preventing, organic, gluten free, bodifying, aloe, all natural, smoothing, deep shine, endurance, sleek, mango-coconut-vanilla infused shampoos out there…I was both shocked (and honestly, more than-a-little pleased) to notice, sticking out like a green thumb, amongst the overwhelming visual menagerie of hair care products, a tube of Prell.

In a world obsessed with new, personalized options for just about everything, how could something as simple as Prell still exist?

I mean Prell? Just Prell. When your hair is dirty, use it, and your hair will get clean. Huh? How about that?

I guess there’s (still) something to be said for doing just one thing and doing it well.

Want to learn more? Check out


Got an example of a simple something that’s stood the test of time? Tell me about it

Attn: MEDIA – Please Let Elmo Live on…in Peace.

Attention media (including late night tv hosts, radio personalities and shock-bloggers) – for the sake of our kids, please do all of us a favor let this Elmo nonsense go quietly into “Bolivian” as Iron Mike would say. You’ve done your job and “reported the news.” Now let it go. Making more of this situation because the guy happens to be famous is shallow and a lazy way to get some laughs. Trust me, in the long run, continuing to force this issue into the spotlight is going to do more harm than good. There is simply no way that a child of 2,3,4,5 yrs old will be able to grasp the concept of Elmo as “just a puppet” and really shouldn’t have to anyway. Hell, I can remember getting my license as a teenager and thinking to myself, “Cool, maybe NOW I can finally figure out how to get to Sesame Street. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in New York.” As a character “Elmo” lives in the hearts and minds of millions of children and we (cynical adults) have no right to infect that very special, innocent place with the problems and inappropriate choices some people make in the real world.

1983 – A guru (Steve Jobs) would turn out to be

Where are all the visionaries today? Hopefully not settled into typing and texting like we do today. Interesting to look back to see where we’ve been…and dream of where we can go.

Thinking Different, Thinking Ahead in 1983

October 1, 2012 – A day like no other

On this day in 1914 my grandfather James William King Jr. was born.

We did not meet until sometime in 1971. I can’t exactly remember, just being born and all, but I’m sure that my entry into this world was met with the same simple, joyful, matter of fact appreciation that I will always remember about him. From railroad worker to insurance salesman, neighborhood advocate to family patriarch, my grandfather’s natural charisma helped round off some of the rough edges of some of his harsh opinions and prejudices. I cannot fully excuse these short comings but I am sympathetic to the world he grew up in and the experiences he must of had to form these. His world was very different than mine, just as my world today will be very different from the world my boys write about in the future. We cannot judge history through the lens of today. However I do agree with the notion that those who do not pay attention to history are destined to repeat it.

I have always felt that my grandfather, and his (middle) son – my dad – were connected and cut from the same cloth. As I grew older, I seemed to intuitively understand what my grandfather was thinking. I understood what could make him laugh and make him mad. I could predict his reactions to events in the news and comments on television. Over the years, I’ve heard his voice in my head as a knee jerk reaction to something I’ve heard or seen. Sometimes I agree and sometimes, given my own lens of understanding and compassion, I’ll react in a much different way.

I guess the most important lesson I’ve taken from him over the years is the notion of self reliance, understanding and tendency to take action when and where it was needed. There is a time to let things roll “like water off a ducks back” because they are inevitable, but that does not mean you should be submissive and naively accept all that the world throws at you. While you can likely do very little to affect change in some far off place or person(s), there is something that you can and should do to affect change in your own situation.

When you take action, often by default, you also end up helping those around you too. For instance, when you see litter on the ground, pick it up. What happens? You feel good about picking up some trash and regaining some control over your environment. But look deeper. What else happens around you?

On the surface, you’ll realize that in all likelihood, picking up the trash will have little to no effect on the person that tossed it there in the first place. Likely they are long gone. But, by throwing away the trash, perhaps you’ve brought a twinge of smile to someone across the street or driving past you at that moment. Perhaps (unknowingly) someone will walk down the sidewalk and instead of feeling mad/sad about seeing a piece of trash on the ground, their attention is turned upward or outward to the blue sky, fresh air or laughter of their child. For sure, you did not cause any of these things to happen, and there is still a very good chance that the person may still not notice these things because of other thoughts or stresses in their lives. But what if it does change something in that person…whoever it is, no matter if you know them (or will ever know them) or not.

For me, what comes to mind when I think about this is a story I heard years ago about one of the legends of baseball (I can’t remember which one) who was asked how he can stay motivated to play at his highest level day after day during the long baseball season…year after year. His response was something like “I’ve run out of the dugout onto the field 1,000 times in my career. While it might not be as exciting for me each time, I know that there is some kid out there in the crowd who IS seeing it for the first time. This may be his first time to a ball game. It could be his last time too. It’s THAT kid I think about when I’m at the plate or out in the field. Do I want to let THAT kid down today? Hell no!”

While few of us will ever have the opportunity to inspire or transform the lives of thousands of adoring fans. We each have the ability to do what’s right, what needs to be done, and then simply do it. Not for ourselves, but for someone we love or even for someone we’ve never met or never will. That’s called living with purpose and that’s the way James William King Jr. lived his life for almost a century. That adds up to a lot of trash (and a lot of “nickel-cans”) picked up along the way…but there’s absolutely no way to measure the ripple effect these small actions have had on the world, at least the world my grandfather created for me and every person he came in contact with.

Today, “be not simply good. Be good for something.” (Thoreau) That’s what I’m going to do. That’s what Jim King would do. What are you going to do?

An iPhone, Fonzi and Avril Lavigne walk into a bar…

So I stumbled across this in-your-face, counter-intuitive article earlier today and thought it was pretty good…and clever too. Just not very original. After reading the piece, I wondered “Haven’t we heard this song before?”

(Photo Credit: Eric Mack / CNET )

Nothing like stirring up a little controversy by predicting the demise of a market leader in order to create some buzz. Well played. Trouble is, Apple has been through this at least two other times before…anyone remember 1984 ? Relax, its all been done before.

Apple burst into the public eye with revolutionary new technology (GUI) and promises of a future where individualism ruled. Suddenly, Mac’s were IT. They were super cool and anyone who owned one felt the same way. Fast forward to the late 80’s and early 90’s and the luster of individualism disappeared as Moore’s Law, Intel and Microsoft pushed the notion of better, cheaper, faster into the mainstream. No longer were computers (and the people who used them) judged by what they could DO differently, but rather how FAST they were. “Haha. My megahertz is faster than your megahertz!”

Apple was heading toward oblivion. They forgot who they were and more importantly, who their customers were. Re-Enter Steve Jobs.

Steve’s return to Apple is the only reason why we are still talking about the company today.

With ruthless efficiency, Jobs cut Apple to its core…and brought focus back to ONLY what made Apple great – its ethos. The energy, the chi, whatever you want to call it. Steve created it with Woz back in the day and was able to dig through the bureaucratic muck to find it again. It started with a little Bondi-Blue iMac that turned heads and turned the industry upside down. “No floppy drive? Oh the horror!”

And so began the second act of Apple. What followed was decades of new products and technologies that kept the competition guessing and the world drooling. And they did it by NOT giving the customers what they (thought) they needed. The did it by starting over. They did it by taking inspiration wherever and whenever it appeared. They did it by Thinking Different.

Of course, Mr. Jobs, the uber-visionary is no longer with Apple, or this world, and we will all suffer as a result. Not outwardly perhaps, but silently, unconsciously. We’ll never know what Steve had planned for us Next. I’m saddened to think that Apple may once again wither away by focusing on meeting the demands of today instead of creating the demand of some insanely great product us mere mortals haven’t even dreamed of yet. Seems nothing breeds complacency like success.

History is littered with people, products, civilizations and technologies that reached “the top” and had no where else to go but down. What endures is genius. Adapt or die is the way of the world. This is just as true in the wild places of nature as it is in the wilds of Silicon Valley or New York City.

While I am certain that we would not be having this discussion if Steve Jobs was still alive today, I am remaining optimistic that there are some loyal, passionate visionaries with the intuition and drive to keep Apple hungry. If not, nature will run its course, like it always does.

Apple may not live forever. Then again, none of us will. But I’d much rather live my life with my head in the Clouds and eye on the horizon than by staring in the rear view mirror worrying about what those around me are driving or where they are headed.

Hopefully, there are folks at Apple who still Think Different after all these years. Only time will tell.

Think Different

What do you think? Has Apple Jumped the Shark or just been caught with its cruise control on?

What’s Wrong With Today ?


I heard this morImagening on the radio that once again, the Today Show’s ratings were down. Guess it wasn’t poor Ann Curry‘s fault after all. Now she’s “free” to do some real reporting again ! Here’s a thought, slow down – interview (only) interesting people – slow down – ditch The Professional’s bickering segment, we’ve got plenty of animosity in the world already – slow down – don’t chase fads and flash in the pan internet “celebrities” – slow down – spend time discussing and less time worried about moving into the next segment/break.

Seems to me like the people in charge of the Today Show seem to think that (A) their target audience is 11-13 year old girls or (B) everyone in the world has the same attention span as a 11-13 year old. This is simply not the case, on both counts. Truth is the kids are in school, and the parents and grand parents home watching the show, really would rather take a break from their hectic/non stop lives and settle into something that informs AND entertains them at the same time. The whole show seems “rushed” and its been getting worse over the last few years.

I understand that this is a “variety” show and not “Meet the Press” but blasting through segments is both exhausting and what’s even worse – unmemorable. When you try to say it all, you say nothing. I hate to say it, but I actually almost prefer the monologue/dialog format that Hoda and Kathy Lee and Kelly Ripa’s show starts off with. At least then the viewer understands and is able to connect with the person on TV. We not like or agree with their opinions, but at least we know where they stand. Can anyone really say what Natalie Morales or Savannah Guthrie feel about the things they are talking about.

Sure they are nice to look at…but has anyone else noticed them slowing turning into the same person? I’m waiting for them to be introduced as Bradjelina or Samneric someday.

Same goes for Al and the weather – do you think maybe viewers are growing tired of “here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods” ? Once in a while, mostly when there’s a weather related disaster, I can appreciate the reporting that happens on location. Here’s what’s happened, here’s what it looks like, here are some people who were effected directly, here’s what’s happening now, here’s how you can help. Pretty standard stuff, but that’s what the situation calls for – journalism !!!

If the show continues its frenetic pace, complete with awful segues and inappropriate transitions, I can see viewers continuing to flee. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think ?

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